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What is a Quiz Meet?

A quiz meet (or tournament) is when all the teams from the churches come together to compete on the quizzing material being studied. Meets are organized into a round-robin style tournament on Friday night and all day Saturday. Quiz meets provide the energy, encouragement, and drive for the quizzers to keep faithfully memorizing God’s Word throughout the year. It does get hard; their brains do get full, so the meets are important to keep them motivated.

Regional Meet


The first meet of the year is a regional meet, during which the province is split in half, with half the teams meeting in the north and half in the south. It's designed for new quizzers to try out quizzing and senior quizzers to get back into quizzing. Most teams have a policy that allows a new quizzer to try Quizzing until after the first meet for free, so they can get a good idea of what it is like. This is a fun tournament - no statistics are kept.


District Meets
There are also four District meets every year, during which all of the teams in Alberta get together in one church to answer questions and glorify God.
Upcoming Meets


Click on 2019-20 Calendar to see dates and locations for this year's meets.

Spectator Guide


If you have never been to a meet before, we suggest you check out the spectator guide, which will help you get the most out of your Quizzing experience.

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