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“The mission of quizzing is to see visible evidence of the application of God’s Word in the lifestyle of participants. It accomplishes this by:

a) providing teens with an opportunity to be involved in the systematic study and application of God’s Word;

b) building character, instilling self-discipline, and encouraging prayer and unity; and

c) equipping young people with the capacity to serve in other areas of ministry." 

C&MA Bible Quizzing Mission Statement

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Bible Quizzing is a competitive team sport for youth aged 11 and in grade 6 to grade 12. Quizzing is an engaging program that combines components of a youth group (snacks, games, and a community of like-minded youth) with systematic study and memorization of God’s Word. The program begins in September and ends in April. Quizzing runs on an eight year cycle of books from the New Testament, and all quizzers memorize the same translation (NIV 2011).

There is no better way to spend your time than in God’s Word. Through the Bible studies and practices held weekly by teams all over Alberta, more than two hundred young people are learning more about their Lord through what He says about Himself, and are being helped to put what they learn into practice through the high standards we have for sportsmanship in competition.

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